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Securing the best school for your child

The English Education in India is a bespoke school search and placement service with expert guidance for entry into boarding schools in the UK. We are a highly experienced team who place children in popular boarding schools throughout the UK. Our experience has shown that boarding school options require structure and support to ensure your child has the best opportunity to succeed. Our aim is to make the whole process as uncomplicated and as seamless as possible for you and your child. 

Through our team in New Delhi and the UK, you will be given expert guidance and support to navigate your way through the British schooling system.

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What is the The English Education in India?

After supporting many families in India with their school placements, along with the increase in families sending their children to the UK to board, we have opened an office in New Delhi to support families through the process.

The majority of international families considering a UK independent school education seek common objectives. Indian families in particular are committed to sending their children to UK boarding schools because of the reputation such schools have for:

  • high academic standards

  • excellent pastoral care

  • a full range of extra-curricular activities

  • increasing their children’s chances of successful application to the best UK, US and global universities.

The English Education in India provides tailor-made advice and support about placement at the very best UK boarding schools.

Our focus is clear – we will always strive to find the right school for the right child, using our expertise, sector wide knowledge and networks to ensure that we look well beyond the basics. 

Parents seek high quality support to help them make the most important of decisions, realising that they have little access to the right information and networks, with a growing appreciation that too many local agents and consultants lack expertise and sector specific knowledge.

We use our APT assessment to establish the academic profile of each child, prior to holding consultations with both child and parents. Having presented an Initial Report to parents, which will include a list of recommended schools, full detail about those schools and explanation as to why they have been deemed best fit for the child. The English Education team will then support with the process of application through to acceptance. Support with tutoring, guardianship and mentoring is also readily available through our team.

Personalised and Tailored Advice

The English Education works closely with families to ensure that each child is placed at the most suitable boarding school for the individual, chosen from all the schools offering a high-quality education in the UK.


We do this by constantly striving to meet the following aims:

A Focus On Student Wellbeing 

  • The English Education is committed to promoting and supporting school placement services with a clear focus upon each applicant’s well-being and future success.

A Bespoke Service

  • The English Education offers a tailored and bespoke service to families seeking individual support as they seek a place at a top UK independent school. The scope of services will depend upon, and be adapted to, the needs of individual families.

Expert assessment

  • Our independent and expert assessment of a child’s individual needs, coupled with deep-rooted knowledge of the UK independent boarding sector, will lead to the right child being placed in the right school. We work closely with you securing a child’s place at a school that will maximise their chances of success and happiness, where they will grow in confidence whilst being challenged and nurtured. Our academic profiling test ensures each child is benchmarked against UK standards and can be supported throughout the school assessments.

Who are we?

Jimmy Beale

Founder of TEE, Jimmy Beale, worked in the UK private education sector for twenty years, having gained his teaching qualification at Bristol University.


He worked in both single-sex and co-educational day and boarding schools; his last two roles were as Deputy Headmaster of a large co-educational senior school, and then as Headmaster of a leading prep school, Taunton Prep School, where he was a Founding Member of the PSB curriculum and an Independent Schools’ Inspector (ISI). He is the co-founder of the APT assessment.

Janie Richardson

As one of the most reliable and well known school search consultants in the UK, Janie’s invaluable knowledge and experience has enabled her to place children in a wide range of schools. Her career spans teaching experience across the world and more recently working as a Head teacher in some highly sought after London schools. 


With first hand experience of school entry in the UK and Switzerland including, admissions procedures, interview practice and exams, Janie and her team can support families fully through the whole process. 

Pooja Talwar

Pooja has a background in Business Management and International Business. She is the founder of London Learning Centre and with a number of centres around India is widely recognised in the region. 

Pooja is also a parent whose children attend British boarding schools, she has first hand experience of the English education system as well as the application process for international students. She has been counselling families for several years, aiding their children throughout the application and settling-in process.

"Having approached The English Education for support as we looked to move my child to a UK boarding school, we have found the support offered by The English Education team to be of the highest quality.
Rapid and timely communications and a very flexible approach have made it easy for me to make the right decisions for my daughter - great insight and professionalism throughout. Jimmy got to know my daughter well and the academic assessment (APT) proved to make a big difference as he found just the right school for her."

 - Mother of Indian girl at UK boarding school, whose daughter is moving to senior school at the end of Year 8

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