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The Independent School Search and Placement Service for International and UK Families 

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The English Education provides tailored and impartial advice to clients from all over the world who seek to send their children to UK independent schools.

We ensure that the right school is chosen, with a strong focus on the individual aims, aspirations and needs of both the family and child.

In depth and thorough research, specific advice and decision-making based upon years of experience and up-to-date knowledge combine to make The English Education the go-to consultancy for families who understand the value of truly professional support and want the best for their children. We have no association with any school or group of schools and therefore focus upon placing each child in a school where we know they will grow in confidence, thrive and make the most of the many opportunities offered to them.

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The English Education provides the highest quality personalised service, working closely with parents and guardians to ensure that the right school is chosen for the individual. Our consultancy services offer a depth and a quality of advice and experience, so rare in the world of pupil placement support.

Key to our reputation and success are our experts; highly qualified former independent school leaders, school inspectors, pastoral experts and curriculum developers, with knowledge and insight based upon years of experience, all taking pride in ensuring the best academic, social and pastoral outcomes for children.


Our focus is clear:
Find the right student for the right school ...

By focusing on student wellbeing

The English Education is committed to promoting and supporting school placement services with a clear focus upon each applicant’s well-being and future success.

By providing a truly tailored service

The English Education offers a tailored service to families seeking individual support as they seek a place at a top UK independent school. The scope of services will depend upon, and be adapted to, the needs of individual families.

By making it a transparent process

The English Education assures placement at a suitable ‘best-fit’ school, dependent upon the applicant passing through our initial assessment. Fees and charges are transparent and fair - we provide agreed services for a set fee but have the flexibility to adapt services for families when needs arise. We ensure impartiality throughout every stage of the recruitment process.

Using expert assessment

We are education advisers, not agents. Our independent and expert assessment of a child’s individual needs, coupled with deep-rooted knowledge of the UK independent boarding sector, will lead to the right child being placed in the right school. Our only interest is securing a child’s place at a school that will maximise their chances of success and happiness, where they will grow in confidence whilst being challenged and nurtured. 

... And finding an excellent match

Schools will have access to international pupils who have been assessed and whose academic, pastoral and extra-curricular needs mean that application to members school is, in the opinion of The English Education’s expert consultants, a good match for both pupil and school. 

“Everything done by The English Education has been excellent from the moment we were introduced. Great communication - Jimmy and this team left no questions unanswered.

His contacts and network allowed us to see the best schools and we placed both boys as a result of his advice. He even drove us from school to school and made the tours and interviews quite easy.”

A father of two boys for 11+ and 13+ entry.

Shanghai, China

It starts with the right information ...


The English Education created the Academic Profiling Test (APT) alongside our Lead Assessment Consultant, Alastair Montgomery. APT was developed to assist families get the best understanding of their child's academic ability.


It is the best starting point for any educational advice as it shows precisely how the candidate compares to their peers at UK Independent schools. It consists of an online assessment that can be taken at home and can identify learning gaps, demonstrate performance to future schools or monitor academic progress. It emulates many school admissions assessments and could be considered as good practice for other tests such as UKiset, ISEB Pretest or 11+ entrance exams.

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What does success look like?

For Parents

Placement at the right school for their child, following an open and transparent process, where service, communication and individual attention have created a smooth, efficient and personal customer journey.

For Students

Placement at a school where they are academically challenged, where they are valued as an individual and where their skills and talents are developed within a caring and aspirational environment.

For Schools

The provision of a stream of appropriate applicants from a range of countries, screened and assessed by trusted educational experts, with rapid and appropriate communications at the heart of the relationship.

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