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Why work with The English Education?

The English Education works with the finest associates and consultants and has created partnerships with highly trusted guardianship, visa support and tutor companies.

Central to our service is the quality of our assessment process; The English Education’s Lead Assessment Consultant, Alastair Montgomery, is the Former Director of UKiset (2014 – 2020) and he has specifically designed the Academic Profiling Test (APT) to provide quality consultancy to parents and to enable professional, high-calibre conversations with schools.

Our school search and placement consultants are highly regarded former UK independent boarding school leaders, all of whom understand the need for high-quality, in-depth personalised service when supporting international families as they place their children at UK boarding schools.


Keystone Tutors

Founded in London in 2007 by Will Orr-Ewing, Keystone Tutors is an organisation that is defined by its professionalism. Based in London and available online to families around the world, Keystone is one of the UK’s leading private tutoring organisations; the tutors they represent are dedicated professionals with proven track records in the UK’s most competitive entrance and national exams. They help their students to perform at their best, building long-term academic resilience and life-long intellectual curiosity and are delighted to work alongside The English Education’s client families.


Cambridge Guardian Angels

Julia Evans leads CGA (Cambridge Guardian Angels), a leading independent provider of guardianship services for international students attending or planning to attend UK schools. Based in Cambridge, they work with a network of carefully selected colleagues to cover all areas of the UK providing dedicated, professional and caring guardianship services and are delighted to partner with The English Education.


Cambridge Guardian Angels’ aim is to always provide the highest possible standard of support and customer service for parents, students and schools. Being fully AEGIS accredited, CGA provides bespoke and flexible services, tailoring care to meet each individual student's needs.

Typically these services cover:

  • Safeguarding protection and support

  • Pastoral Care

  • Administrative Services - including attending school parent-teacher meetings and arranging host family stays for short and mid-term breaks

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Oppidan Education

From designing mentoring programmes to measuring the impact of whole-school character education, Oppidan Education help students develop lasting soft skills, particularly at key transition points. They believe that as adults have mentors, so should kids, and their focus is in supporting students holistically through their school experience providing them with skills that impact the whole of their lives and shape their future aspirations. The English Education is delighted to work with the team at Oppidan Education to support families in this way, promoting strong pastoral support and personal development.


Swiss Insurance Partners

Established in 1997, Swiss Insurance Partners is committed to protecting what is your real wealth: Your Health. Swiss Insurance Partners are the world’s leading independent consultants for International Health Insurance and Health Management, based in Zurich, Switzerland, with offices in Liechtenstein and Malta. Founded with the mission to protect the health of our clients around the world, Swiss Insurance Partners provides a complete range of Health Insurance and Health Management services. For over twenty years, individuals, families and companies have been relying on our expertise and experience, and will continue to do so with clients of the English Education.


London Central Portfolio

For property investors and homebuyers worldwide seeking exclusive prime London property, LCP provides superior access to buying opportunities as well as hands-on project management and creative design solutions, to suit all aspirations and budgets. Using sophisticated financial modelling with a detailed appraisal of every proposed opportunity, LCP will find, negotiate, and secure the property for the best price. As part of its end-to-end service, LCP offers an efficient letting and management service for landlords to enjoy a seamless, hands-off investment. LCP will offer tailor made assistance to clients of The English Education. 


Alastair Montgomery

The English Education’s Lead Assessment Consultant is the Former Director of UKiset (2014 – 2020) and senior director at the world’s oldest education consultancy firm, Gabbitas. Alastair was responsible for launching UKiset back in 2014 by working closely with assessment companies, Cambridge Assessment and the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) in developing entrance testing for independent schools.


As well as designing and leading on The English Education’s unique Learner Profile Assessment, he is managing director of INTAC, an international network of test centres providing professional examination services for a range of assessments. Previously, Alastair worked in specialist learning centres for cognitive processing and SEND assessments, and as an assistant housemaster in a UK boarding school.


Janie Richardson

Janie offers specialist support for those families seeking places in London. Her career spans teaching experience across the world and more recently working in some highly sought after London schools; with first-hand experience of relocation, school entry and admissions procedures, Janie can support families fully. In her role as Head Teacher in central London prep schools, she regularly witnessed the stress and pressure placed on families relocating to the UK and, alongside all consultants at The English Education, she cares greatly about the needs and interests of clients.

As one of the most reliable school search consultants in London, Janie’s invaluable knowledge and experience has enabled her to place children in a wide range of schools and she has a huge amount of experience of placing children in schools at the many different entry points.


David Hawkins

David is The English Education’s lead consultant for all university application matters. He offers specialist and expert advice on finding the right university, as well as helping families as they consider as broad range of higher education issues. David has worked with students based in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia as they apply to universities all over the world. David works with young people and their parents, creating a shortlist of ‘best fit’ universities and he the advises and plans the onward strategy for selected university applications.

David is a member of the International Association for College Admission Counselling, an affiliated consultant to the Council of International Schools and a supporting member of the Council of British International Schools. He is the only person in England to hold professional membership of the gold-standard US organisation, IECA, and is the only independent university consultant in the world to hold all four of these memberships. 


Richard Judd

As a former head of careers and university guidance he offers independent, bespoke, advice and support. Working for fifteen years in UK boarding schools means that Richard has helped many UK based, expat and international families successfully navigate the UK university application process and has up to date knowledge of UK university life and the factors which help create a successful university experience. 

Having also worked in both UK state comprehensive and grammar schools he has wide experience of advising students taking both traditional academic pathways and those taking more vocational routes. Using a combination of meetings and online tools Richard creates a personal academic profile for each student which is then used to identify ‘best fit’ university courses. With over 50,000 undergraduate courses available at more than 395 UK providers it makes sense to seek expert support.  

Richard is also a member of the International Association for College Admission Counselling. 

We are delighted to have partnered with a range of industry experts to help provide the very best service to our students and schools

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